7 seconds to make an Impression

by Charles Grum on September 03, 2020

People have lost their span of attention. If you want to grab their attention on the first go, you only have 7 seconds that will decide if you will get more attention from them or not. If you fail to impress the client in 7 seconds, you might face a setback and a lot of effort would be required to win their attention back.

Make a statement with the bold and stylish yet comfortable workwear. A professional appearance can impress the clients even if you are working in a Spa or a Multinational company. The workwear should make you look good and stylish and not shabby and dull. Spa wear or work wear should be chosen by combining trendy, stylish clothing with a practical and work vibe approach. Workwear essentially helps you with the whole day to day grind and it should reflect the personality of the company as well as the employee. Especially in a beauty or spa industry, where you should look good, and feel fashionable and comfortable to eventually develop a reputation for your company and its brand value.

Spa uniforms help in value-adding to the brand and reputation, but comfort should not be compromised just to look good. Proper clothing material with customized fit will get positive feedback from employees as well as from customers too. Uniforms do not have to be boring and can help with the aesthetics of your venture. Enhancing the appearance makes a huge impact on the performance of the employees and the workwear often differentiates you with your competitors, and help the client keep in mind what they were impressed with and how unique and presentable your staff members were.

Always be true to your profession, but it does not mean that you have to dress up in boring and one-size-fits-all workwear. The employers should take in the suggestions from employees, and then, design the look for the team. Being professionally presentable should be the long-term objective of the business.