Embrace the New Normal

by Charles Grum on September 28, 2020

The rituals will have to change for everything but for the personal-care industry, there will be a drastic change. Especially when it comes to services related to beauty and skincare like facials, skin peels, exfoliation, skin mapping, etc. Professionals related to skincare services are known as Estheticians, who perform all the skin related services and are licensed to do that.

Estheticians can be found in Clinics, Spas, Salons, Med Spas, Movie Sets, Resorts, etc. It is said “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but nowadays everyone just wants to look perfect. Just like Instagram or Snap chat filters, people want to beautify themselves and that’s where the personal-care or beauty industry helps. But with this pandemic, the norms will have to change on how customers are treated, the safety issues of both customers and the service provider, the uniforms of estheticians will include masks and gloves, sensitization of seat and area will oftenhappen, and many more things. From preparing the treatment room and office to providing services and interacting with the clients' everything will change for the betterment of the health.

With businesses re-opening, it’s difficult to resist the urge to get appointments to pamper yourself and de-stress and take care of your skin- but it is important to follow some new guidelines. The uniforms for estheticians should be clean and proper, they should wear proper safety kits as they are too close to the client when they give facial or any other skin service, every instrument and device and seating should be properly sanitized. The salon experience will never be the same it will change for the better. Things may or may not be as normal as before, but people have changed and are trying to embrace this new normal, the safety of each other is very crucial now as the virus is increasing and so is the carelessness of individuals.

Do not be a careless citizen, be a responsible one who takes care of self and others. Business owners and service providers take proper measures to combat this virus and make customers feel comfortable with all the necessary measures.