Finding one style Spa Wear to suit All

by Charles Grum on July 26, 2020

We are all aware that different colours and shapes flatter some and work against nature for others, and you simply cannot please everyone all the time. We try hard and it rarely does happen.  We usually recommend that the decision maker listens to staff opinions while being firm and confident with the final choice. The uniform must be very professional, should represent the right image for the business, should be within stipulated budget and then of course, the staff need to look good and certainly feel good while wearing it. In our experience, independent research and preference is important, but it can add months onto the final selection of the spa wear.  Therefore, having a good look on online designs, get some brochures and try to narrow the research down to about 5-6 samples.  Most uniform companies should let you have a sample which you can hold onto until you’ve made a final decision.

Colours can be tricky so your samples should include the usual black, chocolate brown (which seems to suit everyone), a deep red (which also suits many), a nice professional grey and if you are into pink as everybody seems to be these days then find a pink one too.  You could push the boat out and have the same design in two different colours. Most companies offer most of their designs in a variety of colours.  At YeahBaby we’ve done this on many occasions and supplied the same uniform in two colours to the same salon.

Style wise, the traditional high neck with mandarin collar doesn’t make everyone comfortable so itcan be avoided if you have a big team to consider. Anything with a slightly lower neckline will be far more flattering and at ease, so a v-neck, a wrap over style or a square neck works well.  Design and detail is very important so choose in spa wear, simple sleeves which may include some design detail but without splits on the outside edge as these don’t seem to last long and the stitching will come out with wear and tear. A flattering band, simple bow or even darts at the waist area will flatter most shapes and sizes and gives tunics an attractive feminine look.  Most bog-standard tunics with no design modernization will do nothing for most figures, even if you are slim. A tunic with a belt or tie back helps to tailor the garment to the individual.

My final tip while selecting a spa wear is that the purchaser should always be willing to have a tailor-made tunic or spa wear. To have a custom-made uniform will make everyone feels special rather than the peculiar one out. Team morale is boosted every time a boss recognises and appreciates the efforts and comfort of theworkforce. Both physical and mental wellbeing is crucial when it comes to maximizing productivity at workplace.

Yeah Baby spa uniforms are the favorite among massage therapists and estheticians not only because of the “flattering for all” designs, but also for our incredibly comfortable “Essencia Stretch” fabric that “flexes & stretches” with you to ensure complete freedom of movement.