How professional is your work attire?

by Charles Grum on August 31, 2020

Deciding on what to wear to the work totally depends on the type of workplace you work in and what are the rules and ethics of the workplace. Projecting a professional image enables employees to establish a proper business relationship with the clients and customers. Proper and appropriate work wear can surely enhance the confidence of the employee as well as the client. Work wear can range from casuals to business professional depending on the environment of the business or the occasion. Employees should always know what is acceptable and ensure that you stick to the basics and dress aptly specially in wellness and spa business.Dressing appropriately help in forming a persona of the employee and how they are perceived by higher authorities.

Few things which can be kept in mind while dressing for workplace or other business situations are:

  • Stick to Basics: Different styles of business attires can be used for different occasions but to avoid any discrepancy always stick to what is approved and recommended.
  • Be Attentive: Always notice the higher management or other officials and take clues for the work culture and code of dressing.
  • Ask Others: If not sure about what would be considered as unethical or offensive, it’s always better to ask the co-workers or the HR for the code. 
  • Don’t Over-Indulge: Brighter colors, large prints and bulky jewelry can be a big letdown when it comes to professionalism, so try avoiding it.

It is necessary to make an impact on your higher authorities, as your persona will help you get noticed and appreciated while you choose to work diligently and carry off yourself professionally.

Workwear can very broadly be bifurcated into two; Casual wear and Formal wear.But it can be further divided into majorly:

  • Informal Casual
  • Conventional Casual
  • Business Casual
  • Business Professional
  • Boardroom Formal

Informal Casual

These are the clothes which are very informal, and you generally use it outside work but there are some workplaces which allows or even promotes these to make the employees more comfortable in their skin at the workplace. Avoid using informal casual at client meeting and presentations though.

These may include T-shirt, blouses, jeans, cropped pants, shorts, sneakers, loafers, low heels or sandals.

Conventional Casual

These can be classified as smart and stylish casuals; these can be used in informal business settings and for interviews for the same environment. But it is advisable to maintain a clean, professional and smart look that it does not put away the ethnicity of the work culture.Generally, most of the businesses have a day or two in a week for these to make their employees relaxed and stress-free.

Dresses, blouse, blazers, heels, minimalistic jewelry,scarves, trousers are accepted for women and for men,button down shirts, polo t-shirts, jackets, dress shoes, belts and boots are permissible.

Business Casual

Most common form of dressing worn at workplace are the business casuals. As it is not very casual and not too formal it is appropriate for many occasions like, interviews, client meetings, presentations, etc. Depending on your business or workplace, these are the best to avoid any kind of confusion and bring professionalism in your work.

For business casuals, women can wear, casual pants, trousers, skirts, shirts, khakis, blazers, simple jewelry, belts, flats, heels, mules, or boots maintaining the code. Men can pair trousers or khakis with nice button-down shirt or a polo and can also put on tie and jacket according to the situation. Shoes play a very important part in forming or completely ruining the look, so loafers or leather sneakers or boots can be a good option for business casual dressing. In Spa business, spa wear is the business casual clothing for the employees, and it should be very appropriate and neat.

Business Professional

Professional Attire are mainly opted by companies with strict dress code now also uses the traditional form, and they are very specific about the way you dress and how well is the fitting. Professionals in industries like banking & finance, law, government organisations are mostly seen wearing this kind of attire. With the look at the attire, you can judge their profession most of the time.

Attire for women may include, professional tops without a deep neckline, suits, pencil skirts, blazers, watch and minimal jewelry to accessorize the look. Footwear for women can include loafers, mid-heels or decent flats. A classy yet simple bag will enhance the look. Whereas, attire for man is very simple yet elegant, dark-colored suit with tie, light button-down shirt with a classic belt and leather business shoes.

Boardroom formal

This formal attire is reserved for black tie events or for very formal ceremonies, dinners or meetings. These can be for elite class or higher management people who take life-changing decisions for the business and its employees.

Women can wear long evening dress in some cases or pant suits and skirt suits are always appropriate with formal flats, heels or business loafers and jewelry and watch should be classy and minimal. For man, it is more like the business professional look that is dark suit with light button-down shirt with tie, accessorize with belt, high quality cufflinks and a tie clip and black shoes.

Take your wardrobe seriously if you want to look professional and let it work to your advantage. If you aspire to rise in ranks at your workplace, dressing up the part will always improve your chances to excel in life. It is always better to cautiously adhere to the dress code given by the HR or the business. It is always better to be a little over dressed than being under dressed and looking incompetent for the job. Any work wear should do some good to your image or your working.If you feel confident in wearing it, you will feel good and work more efficiently throughout the day. The attire you are wearing to the workplace or business meeting should always add value, and make you stand out from your colleagues. It should enhance your overall personality and help you work smartly and appropriately without bothering you. Spa wear is interrelated with building the brand and therefore is should always be taken care of and maintained properly. Try and build your wardrobe around what you can wear to work and then play around stylishly with your options.