Project A Professional Image of Your Spa

by Charles Grum on September 08, 2020

Choosing what to wear for work is a very tedious job if you don’t have an official dress code or workwear or uniforms. Ensuring that you look professional and appropriately dressed is a challenging and mindful task. Your workwear should always be based on the environment you are working in and to not look under or overdressed as per the official setting. Hence, most of the offices, have a work uniform etiquette to cut off these problems.

Offices generally have uniforms or a code of dressing for weekdays and casual days for the weekend, so that the employees can show off their personalities too and be comfortable working in that environment.

The most common elements of uniform, include:

- Pants

- Shirts

- Formal footwear

- Skirts

- Blazers/ Jackets

- Slacks

Uniforms reinforce the company’s brand with a signature look for the company so that it’s easy to differentiate and spot the staff. Especially in retail and wellness industry where the uniforms can serve as marketing means to promote their brand and to purposefully segregate staff with others.

  • Be fashionable but at the same time don’t go overboard. Keep in mind, the environment and work culture as it would be easy to blend in and present yourself properly. 
  • Be comfortable in your style, even if people wear the uniform, the way they carry it off or how confident and comfortable they look reflects on their working and personality. 
  • Be smart and not sloppy. Well-fitted uniforms boost up your work vibe.
  • Be inspired and dress to express and impress but maintain your authenticity. 
With so many options available, customizing the spa uniforms or workwear will get more eyeballs towards your business. Uniforms should always be smart, hygienic and practical and made of long-lasting material that is comfortable in day-to-day working. Low-quality uniforms, fade and wear-off quickly and that would hinder the brand-value and the goodwill.