Unlearn and Learn to Adapt

by Charles Grum on September 18, 2020

With the changing time, the changes are meant to happen. The safety and security of people is a social responsibility for everyone in this difficult post-COVID era. The businesses must adapt to many changes to survive and be operative. The hospitality and wellness industry is hit the highest and must adapt to the new norms and precautions to survive and capture the market again. The COVID-19 virus and its complications have made people more responsible towards society and nature.

There has been new working patterns, social-distancing norms, new ways of interaction and communication, to stop or at least control the spread of Corona Virus. This pandemic has made everyone realise the worth of their lives and how to be empathetic to others. This crisis will eventually pass, and there will be a new normal life where there are bound to be many significant changes.

Being said that, people will always thrive for that “feel-good factor” for oneself. It can range from a normal haircut to spending some quality time and having a relaxing massage somewhere. While everyone has tried some home self-care routine in these times, professional service is refreshing and empowering without even realising.

The beauty and wellness industries norms and regulations could change for good, but this industry will help in the betterment of society. The sanitization process and hygiene would be the utmost priority, wearing masks and proper spa uniforms would help in maintaining the health standards, and, empathy and happiness would have a different meaning to it altogether.

Helping clients to feel and look their best, with safe experience, disinfecting your spa in front of the customers so that they are also satisfied that the spa/salon is sanitized and clean. Building up the confidence will take time and effort to make the businesses fully functional and small steps should be taken for the safety of both clients and staff. Protection of the clients and staff is very necessary for long term client-relations and safety of society. Minimize the risk by eliminating the waiting time for clients, appointments should be schedules virtually and with proper intervals to clean and disinfect the space. Maintain 6 feet social distancing and make your spa, salon or wellness club, a safe space.

Digitization is a must now. Unnecessary contact should be minimized to reduce the fear of contamination, empower and educate your staff to use technology to assist the clients for their needs instead of by being physically available or when clients can’t visit. Make a website or an online store to fulfill the retail distribution of the products used by your clients, this will help them feel secure that you will fulfill their demand and you have got them covered.

Virtual check-in and optimizing appointments, so that front desk conversations can be skipped will allow clients minimum human contact. Providing clients with protective wear can also safeguard both client and the staff involved. Proper spa uniforms, with spa footwear and masks, should be in the essential kit, keeping precautionary measures is always better than being regretful. This pandemic has inflicted fear in our minds but with time and appropriate measures, the world will be a better place to live-in, with improved habits and empathy towards the environment and the living.

It may be very challenging at first, to disinfect, sanitize, being very alert and conscious all the time but to combat the virus and uplift the economy, these are very basic steps which we can take as a responsibility. Act of touching can be dangerous and spread the virus, so cleaning up the surface, maintain a safe distance, avoiding unnecessary contact or travel will affect the retail spaces but the enhanced awareness about health is absolutely essential.

The world is changing and embrace the positive change and take on the world with full zeal and confidence. Be the change, Empower yourself and others. The crisis has taught many things and has made us contemplate many basic things.

Be ready for the new normal.