Which Type of Spa Uniforms You Need to Have in Your Spa?

by Charles Grum on July 08, 2020

Spa uniforms serve many purposes, one of the foremost is making guests feel they’re in capable hands so that clients feel confident with them and their skills. The uniform is all about ensuring professionals, a professional image. Spa uniforms play a very practical role too, they help guests distinguish between the employees from fellow spa-goers, this is something they don’t want to have to think twice about, when looking for staff member to ask a question.

A spa uniform is one of the most unnoticed brand elements, but from a customer perspective, it’s one of the most important, as spa uniforms are a prototypical part of the décor and ambience of the Spa. It reflects the style, essence and reinforces the Spa brand. The crucial part is to not overdo the message of promoting the brand.

Comfort, functionality and breathability are the key elements of how the spa uniforms ideally should be. Employees feel more confident in their own clothes, but they should look like a part of the spa and help strengthen the branding of the Spa. Spa uniform material should be moisture wicking made from a stain-resistant blend of polyester, nylon and spandex. The clothing should be as less distracting as possible. Both wash-ability and breathability should always be considered as essentials while choosing spa uniforms.

Styling details such as pockets and sleeve length, is dominant too. Spa uniforms shouldn’t be too overpowering to employees as well as to the clients, uniforms should be short-sleeved and stretchy, rather than tightly fitted; they also need concealed buttons to allow for adjustments for different body types. Pockets are very helpful and handy for essential items. White uniforms should be avoided as they are difficult to clean and stained uniforms do not give a good reputation for the brand. Make sure the fabric doesn’t lose colour and is fade-resistant. The employees spend eight hours a day in the spa uniforms, so it only makes sense to ask their thoughts too.

Choose a spa uniform that best represents your salon’s proficiency, integrity, and efficiency. Spa owners use the lightweight, bi-stretch polyester fabric, which are in budget and are crinkle-proof, tear-resistant, that will survive for long duration. Always go for practical cuts when choosing tunics, spa dresses, or even trousers with nothing getting into the ease of their work. You could incorporate present trends, unique colours, and stylish patterns, which will make your staff look dapper and alluring. A beauty salon/spa is the perfect place to relax, unwind and be pampered and creating a brand impression is a bonus for the Spa.